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Old literary young women are self-driving in the United Stat

American Travel Guide Network | | Date: 2019-09-05 10:48

"Life belongs to us only once, time will not stop for our laughter or tears. In such a transient organization of the world, all choices have lost enough reasons, and all the results have become very reasonable. What is the hardship? Perhaps life has already been doomed to be fortunate and unfortunate. We are only limited by their respective fate, living in vain, knowing bitterly. Just like every flowery place, there will always be some sad butterflies. Fly over there."
Please ignore this seemingly unrelated beginning. I didn't intend to browse this passage before I started writing this travelogue. I remembered Milan Kundera's "Living in Other Places" and put them in. There is no logic to follow, I have always been like this.
This is my first travel note, and the details are extremely detailed. Looking at it now, I feel like a primary school student and a parent complaining about the details. At that time, the idea of ​​writing this travel note was very simple. It seems that there are such unwritten rules in the travel forum. Those who have been helped in the forum must complete the assignments arranged by the teacher after the trip.
Deciding to go to the United States for self-driving is not a long-term plan, but a sudden decision of one day. I mean the act of doing the action, as soon as the conditions exist, I will start preparing immediately. However, from the day of the decision until the departure, the period still lasted for three months, including a series of preparations such as visas, booking air tickets, booking hotels, and renting cars. Before that, I have never been alone in a foreign country, let alone staying for a whole month. A traveling rookie, knowing nothing, only a smart brain and a fearless heart, went to the United States with a broken English. I think, my case, the reason fully answered a question repeatedly asked by the public. "Without experience, English is not good. Can you go abroad freely?" The answer is obvious, of course.

US visa
The length of the US signing is not short, so it is most reasonable to put the first step. After submitting the information, you will start preparing for the trip.
Many travellers on the Internet have very detailed tutorials to teach you how to get your own sign. I am a very troublesome person. I never have the pride of being personally involved. I am looking for a travel agency to help me. The face-to-face process is very comedy. Because I didn't personally prepare the information, I answered a lot of loopholes, but the visa officer may feel that my IQ is not like someone who wants to stay in the United States, so I gave it directly. Therefore, there is not much information on the visa that I can provide to you. I can only tell you that the visa application through the travel agency will not affect your signing or not, but it will save you some time and energy.
In the second step, you can start to develop a route, know where you want to go, how long you have to stay, and have a general understanding. My complete route is as follows:
Chongqing-Beijing-Seattle-San Francisco-Carmel-Los Angeles-Las Vegas-page town-Las Vegas-New York-Hong Kong-Chongqing. Fly from Beijing to Seattle, then take the Amtrak Train Coast Star to San Francisco from Seattle, rent a car in San Francisco and drive along the No. 1 road to Los Angeles. Stay in a seaside town called Carmel, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Vegas, then went to a small town called page in the desert, then returned to Las Vegas to fly to New York.
The development of the line actually tangled for a long time.
Basically everyone will choose to go only to the West Coast or only to the east, or to cross the US on Route 66 by car. Like me, I went north to Seattle to New York, and the route was long and wide. Why do you have to make a route like this? Because I have a very serious movie plot. The two films about Seattle directly affected the development of the route, "Seattle Night Sleep" and "Late Autumn". The first classic does not need to say that everyone knows that the second part is starring Hyun Bin and Tang Wei. "Late Autumn" due to the storyline and Seattle's long rainy season, it seems that Seattle is very gloomy, the stills are very beautiful. If you don't go to New York, you will save a lot of money, but in "Seattle Sleepless", the two finally meet at the Empire State Building, and this plot also leads me to go to the Empire State Building.

About language
Many people think that English is not good enough, there is no way to be free, not the case. In the case of adequate preparation, some simple daily communication will suffice. My English is very good at getting started. I learned almost from movies and songs. I can only talk about the economic foundation and can't talk about the level of the superstructure. But I once successfully purchased a bus ticket from Prague to CK on a website that is all Czech. Traveling to the French countryside, the waiter only speaks French, it does not affect my order. Visible language can't really be a barrier to doing.
Travel photography and selfie
The photos of the United States in the past were 5D2 shots. Most of the shots were first-generation 24-70 and some were 16-35. Most of the photos are self-portraits on a tripod, and some are invited by friends or pedestrians on the road to help. In fact, self-timer is not complicated, you only need a tripod and wireless shutter, sometimes the tripod can be used. Of course, you should be familiar with the performance of the camera. I didn't know at the beginning that the wireless shutter can be delayed. The self-timer photo can also see the shutter held in the hand. Later, I know that it can delay for a few seconds and hide the shutter. But it's not easy to say that it's a breeze. Self-timer is very time-consuming and not very high quality, so you will see a lot of virtual photos.