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So on fire, so in love - Hawaii Oahu + Los Angeles + San Fra

American Travel Guide Network | | Date: 2019-09-05 13:14

"Aloha", the most beautiful island in the ocean, the location of Pearl Harbor, the place where US President Barack Obama grew up... Hawaii has too many synonyms to make the world dream. So when my husband and I started planning our honeymoon trip, we all thought of this place.
It’s rare to have a trip to the United States. It’s a visa to pay for it. It’s a pity to go to Hawaii. So we decided to use Hawaii as the "main battlefield" for six days. Then I went to Los Angeles and San Francisco and played 3 full days. Plus the time spent on the road for the entire trip, our honeymoon trip is 15 days in total.
Even if the original "honeymoon" is compressed into "honeymoon", it is not easy to take a wedding leave. Although there are 15 days of marriage and marriage leave in accordance with the regulations, for this trip, my husband and I both work overtime to complete the work that will fall during the honeymoon. Although the work pressure before the trip made us both tired, we also cherish the 15 days of this hard work. The preparatory work carried out before the trip also made us feel excited.
[Preparation before the trip]
1. Visa
△The specific process of visas has been shared by many friends and will not be repeated. According to the requirements of the US Embassy, ​​I am in compliance with the US Personal Tourist Visa exemption from the interview (that is, the so-called "delivery") conditions, so I chose Ctrip's visa service ( .html ), someone has filled out the DS160 form for me and sent my passport to the embassy, ​​saving me the trouble of making an appointment for an interview and running the US Embassy. From sending someone to pick up a passport to visa issuance, passport to hand, a total of 15 days.
△ There is a noteworthy point about visas. After my passport reached the US Embassy, ​​the status I found on the Embassy website was "Administrative Processing." Once you see this state in the past, it is usually a lot of fierceness, you have to wait a month or two, and the possibility of refusal is very high. At that time, I was particularly nervous. Later I asked a lot of people around me and found that the so-called "administrative review" is a necessary process for visas, and there is no necessary connection with the refusal. Sure enough, the status of "Administrative Processing" finally became "Issued" (issued) after four working days. Therefore, remind everyone that waiting for the visa process, do not be too nervous, if you have already booked a ticket, hotel or something, you should be more cautious, so as not to rashly cancel the loss.
2, ticket
△ I have to say that I did not make much comparisons in booking air tickets. In pursuit of the safest security, I have always been the brain powder of Air China. In addition, only Air China has a direct flight from Beijing to Honolulu, so decisively booked Air China's ticket on Ctrip. And the return ticket from San Francisco to Beijing was also finalized.
△ At present, Air China Beijing direct flights to Honolulu, only three shifts a week, on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Because you don't have flights every day, plan ahead.

3. Hotel
△ In terms of booking a hotel, the previous domestic tour was basically done in Ctrip, but this time I betrayed Ctrip a little. Because it was found that the hotel on Ctrip was not particularly complete, after comparison, it turned "going" to Booking.
Because it is the first time to use Binyou, I can do the evaluation objectively. First of all, the customer evaluation on the website is quite true and pertinent, and I feel little difference in my personal experience. Secondly, click on the link to view the map. Almost all hotels are marked one by one, which is very intuitive and easy to compare the location of each hotel. Another point is that some hotels can be booked for free cancellation before check-in, usually one week before check-in. Although I ended up checking in, the convenience is still very reassuring.
△ Three hotels in Oahu, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the price per night can be calculated by looking at the pictures. Because it catches up with the summer season in August, the hotel price is not cheap. However, in the United States where the tourism industry is so developed and the hotel industry is so mature, hotels with good conditions must match the high prices. The so-called "one penny, one share". After all, honeymoon is only once, so within the limits of the economy, I made the most ideal choice.

4, rent a car
△ During my trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco, my husband and I felt the need to rent a car. While traveling in Hawaii, I feel that renting a car is not a "suggest", but a "must"!
△ Car rental in Hawaii, we booked Budget in Ctrip, because I had chosen this before, and I was very impressed. After arriving at the airport in Hawaii, I found that the car rental service here is very perfect. When you leave the airport, there are stations where the car rental companies collect customers. The shuttle bus runs back and forth between the airport and the rental point. The shuttle buses of each company are well recognized and the company name is strikingly written. . After a few minutes we got on the Budget shuttle bus. The driver helped us get the baggage on the bus and drove to the car rental point in two minutes. Because there is a reservation in advance, the procedure is very smooth. The welcoming staff sent the map and marked the route from the airport to the hotel we stayed in and set it up in the GPS.
△ The choice of models is very rich. At the rental point, there are almost no identical cars, and the price is not the same. We finally chose a black hatchback Nissan. In order to save money, say goodbye to the bright blue sports car that pulls the wind...