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Summer of the blockade

American Travel Guide Network | | Date: 2019-09-05 11:26


Good day, beautiful scenery, where will you enjoy your family?
❖ But it’s a lonely dream.

I love to travel more and more, and I will travel at least once or twice a year with my husband after marriage. I want to take some young people to go some places and give me some good memories after I am old.
12 years, April honeymoon, Maldives
12 years in October, Jeju Island, South Korea
13 years, May, Hong Kong, Macau
Self-driving Ulan Butong in October 13
Saipan, April 14

I love this place, love doesn't want to return, so I miss every day after I return, and even started planning the details of the next revisit;
I love this place because it not only has the sea view of the warship island that can compete with Madai, but also the beautiful scenery that I encountered along the way.
I love this place, I admire the leisurely daily life of the local people here, and greet the fresh air away from the smog;
I love this place, and because it is very cost-effective, it can be let go to HAPPY compared to other high-end islands.
Continue underwater camera is awesome

This time I chose to go to Saipan probably in early March, from the desire to travel to the ticket and the hotel is just one morning.
Is this a trip that says it’s time to go?
Because I don’t want to take too long vacation, this trip is very hasty, the schedule is very tight, and it violates the original intention of relaxing and relaxing on vacation.
But I am still very happy with my husband, we are in a limited time.
Have fun, enjoy the beautiful scenery
Although it is really exhausting, but the heart is full of happiness.
Is happiness not the meaning of travel?
After returning, I have been pondering the details of the revisit.
Next time, I will never be in such a hurry.
Be sure to carefully and slowly taste Saipan
Saipan, we will definitely come back