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There is no life in Saipan. It’s really Otto.

American Travel Guide Network | | Date: 2019-09-05 11:20

Say the words in front (can be skipped)
Number of people: four, parents and me, time point: around New Year's Day, destination: Saipan
It’s been a year since the daughter-in-law wanted to go to Saipan. It’s noisy from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. After a variety of holidays, they are given up because of high prices or inappropriate time. Therefore, after a quiet and quiet year, who thought that the end of the year began to fight chicken blood, every day to see the travel website and air tickets. At first, I booked a free trip on the Internet. I took a turn from Korea and thought that the time was a little longer, but I have been to South Korea. However, when the order is confirmed, the online said that the plane we ordered is full, and it is unbearable to add money to other sorts. It is said that it is full of warehouses, adding money, adding money, placing an order. You don't know what to say. The wife and the customer service bombed each other, and finally the online compromise was halved. This is the final result of the wife's victory, but my heart is not very cool, and we finally canceled the order. This cancellation can not stop, the wife is like an ant on a hot pot, sitting restless, can not eat and can not sleep, tossing me enough. I thought that I couldn’t grasp it. I immediately assured her that I had to go to Saipan on my body. She immediately gave me a thumbs up and named me the head of the Saipan tour group.
I searched the Internet for a long time and found that there was a product on the other travel website. Saipan was 6 days, 4 nights and a half free. It felt reliable. I immediately placed an order and waited for the leadership instructions. After the wife’s instructions, the trip was basically finalized. Then I began to export a lot of RMB, paying orders, online shopping, all kinds of beach must-have photo smudge dresses (I think it is necessary to swim trunks), snorkeling props, rent underwater cameras, book various play items These are her life, and she is happy.
As time approaches, I can't wait for the turmoil of my wife's handcuffs to go to another travel network tour, and I want to see the itinerary and precautions. Which online goods released Saipan 6 days and 4 nights special ticket, cheaper 2000 oceans per person, just the time we went to include, which is still sitting! ! Quickly re-order the first, it is a good deal even if you cancel the order to lose money. Now I am waiting for the confirmation there. The customer service is playing one by one, saying that it is said, and in the end, the special ticket is gone, and then there is no more... It’s really troublesome!
First day, rest and stroll
The plane arrived at 4 am local time in Saipan. From the flight, the immigration bureau to the customs, it took about two hours to get to the hotel by bus. It was just when people were sleepy. In the middle, I ate a breakfast and continued to feel refreshed. When I got up in the afternoon, I felt that the "blood" had almost filled up. The picture below shows the hotel that is stationed. It is very far from the sea (street road), just a little farther away from the city (2 km), just take a walk.

After eating and resting, you can see a windmill from the glass window of this shop. I saw that its three-leaf leaves became sickle-shaped, and it was very interesting.
After the rest, he continued to walk north of the Promenade, and came to the American Memorial Park, a cemetery built by the US government for more than 5,000 soldiers who died in the Battle of Saipan during the Second World War. As we were at the head of the sun, we went straight to the Memorial Museum. It has a screening hall. The 20-minute short film tells the history of the island. The staff began to screen the Chinese version when asked about their nationality. There is only 4 of us in a large auditorium. The feeling of the package is really good. The short film is worth a look. After reading it, I walked around the museum. The daughter-in-law had already been able to see the zippo lighter because she couldn’t bear the heart. It is said that this is the cheapest one, but it is not much different from other places (who knows who knows), and Only the US military style.

Going out of the park to the beach, passing the Hyatt Grand Hotel, you will arrive at Micro Beach. Well, I finally saw the tourists of Dabo, the seven-eighth, the snorkeling, the sunbathing, the beach volleyball, and the peace of mind (I want to be so embarrassed, I like the excitement). Packing up and taking pictures, the sea seems to have been waiting for us to meet us, we only have to follow the trend, and slammed into the water. At this time, it is time for people to be more powerful and selfless, and my mother was left at the beach to look after things. After playing, I will be tired and come and change people. Although these places are safe, I can’t go to my own. After playing in the sea, I found some strange phenomena. It’s so far away from the beach that the water is still so shallow, and even some places only reach the thighs; for so many people, there are so many people, staying in one place. Going into the water, oh, I want to have a fish? I can't find it when I am close. Seeing that some tourists are practicing snorkeling here, we feel good and are ready to go to Warship Island tomorrow. Our first snorkeling was dedicated to Mike Beach, which gave us a few mouthfuls of sea water, so salty. In fact, there are many small fishes on Mike Beach. They are all located next to the reefs and corals. The long strips like the stools are originally sea cucumbers, which seem to infiltrate people. I played at the beach for a while, and as night fell, we packed up and went back. You can take a walk from the Yuetai Hotel, take a break and change your clothes in the bathroom.